Aluminium Catamaran Houseboats

Aluminium Catamaran Houseboats

Aluminium Catamaran Houseboat
Dreaming of living on the water with a comfort of a fully-fledged home? Barkmet Shipyard is here to satisfy all your needs. Experience the beauty and peace on the water, where all adventures come quite by themselves, with our catamaran houseboats designed by our German partner Nautilus Hausboote. You can not only experience Europe’s sea or river worlds with the comfort of your home, but you can also undertake exciting city tours.
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From 10m up to 17m
Motorisation type
Fuel inboard / outboard or electric propulsion


Barkmet offers a range of houseboats, from basic to fully equipped options, to suit a wide range of consumers. Our excellent facilities are located near Prague and Dresden in Lovosice, which enables easy transportation. Our specialists will handle everything from the initial planning to the final handover.


We are proud to state, that our floating houses are beloved by our customers all over Central Europe, mainly Germany, where our latest project with our partner Nautilus gained recognition from German newspaper TAG24.

Solid and sturdy.Designed to oppose harsh winters.
Solid and sturdy.
Designed to oppose harsh winters.
Barkmet houseboats are crafted to European standards, ensuring durability and reliability. Our houseboats in partnership with Nautilus Hausboote feature aluminium catamaran floats guaranteeing stability and their aluminium frame makes them lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, ensuring overall safer sailing experience compared to standard houseboats.
Built to elevate your lifestyle.
Built to elevate your lifestyle.
Barkmet Houseboats specialize in crafting innovative and modern floating homes. With our extensive experience in the European market, we understand the growing desire for a modern lifestyle. Our floating homes offer the perfect blend of adventure and comfort, allowing you to experience the beauty of the world while feeling right at home.
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