How to clean your Barkmet Aluminum Boat

How to clean your Barkmet Aluminum Boat


Barkmet aluminium boats are only new once, but with a little “boat-keeping” you can help keep to them in like-new shape for years to come. A clean Apex or Grafit aluminum boat will always look sharp and be a pleasure to use. Over time, maintaining your boat’s cosmetic condition undoubtedly helps it retain value. Here are some tips from Barkmet on the best ways to clean the exterior and interior of your boat.


The hull of your Barkmet boat is constructed of a high-grade salt-resistant aluminium alloy protected by an antifouling finish. To maintain this finish always rinse your boat with fresh water after removing it from salt, polluted, or brackish water and after the boat has been transported over salty roads. The visible scum line that sometimes forms around the hull at the water line can often be wiped away with a wet rag immediately after the boat goes on its trailer. Once the scum line dries it can require more work to remove and may eventually stain the hull. The hull may also be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water. Do not use abrasive cleansers or solvents as these could damage the finish. An occasional application of marine nano-polymer wax and Sealant to painted hull surfaces will also help to preserve your boat’s original finish.



Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt and sand embedded in deck carpeting. For a more thorough clean-up carpeting can be washed with mild detergent and warm water or household carpet cleaners. After removing the drain plug and raising the bow with the trailer jack, thoroughly hose the detergent out of the carpet and into the bilge.


Avoid using products such as harsh chemicals or waxes which may contain solvents that will damage the protective coating on
vinyl. Never use industrial cleaners, powdered abrasives or steel wool which can scratch and cause discoloration. Take special care to keep suntan lotion and wet leaves off upholstery; both can cause permanent stains. To maintain the UV coating on marine upholstery use a UV protectant spray from your local supplier. The spray shall leave a clean, non-greasy, satin finish that restores color and luster while preventing fading and cracking.

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